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How did Adolf Hitler do what he did?

He was, by all accounts, very charming and charismatic in person.  He appealed to the German people when they needed a new leader to  make them feel good about themselves af (MORE)

How many balls did Adolf Hitler have?

It has been alleged that he had monoorchidism, that is, he only had one. It's also been alleged by different (and for the most part less credible) sources that he had three. (MORE)

What was adolf hitlers last word?

Adolph Hitler's last words were .... I will come  back .... and I'll go into detail on how he said it....   He held his pistol to his head and at that moment he said I w (MORE)

Who did Adolf Hitler Hitler persecute?

During his first days, he prosecuted political oppositors such as social-democrats, communists, republicans, etc. He later began a campaign of arrest and persecution of Jews, (MORE)

What books did Adolf Hitler write?

  According to the Related Link, Hitler wrote the following books:   * Hitler, A. (1925). Mein Kampf. Wikisource Version  * Hitler, A. (1935). Zweites Buch (trans.) Hi (MORE)

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