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What are aerobics?

fitness exercise to heip body Living or occurring only in the presence of oxygen, as in certain microorganisms Aerobics is a complex of exercises that can help you to lo ( Full Answer )
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How old do you have to be to do aerobics?

Pretty much as soon as you can walk you are doing aerobic exercise. There really isn't an age limit in either direction. Individual schools and instructors may have their own ( Full Answer )
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Where did aerobics start?

It was initially used about forty years ago by Dr. Kenneth Cooper in his book AEROBICS. It has come to be used to refer to physical exercises that temporarily sustain an incre ( Full Answer )
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What is aerobic repiration?

The process of respiration that take place in the presence of oxygen is called aerobic respiration this results in the release of energy and in formation of water and carbond ( Full Answer )
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What is an aerobe?

An aerobe is a organism (bacteria generally) that needs oxygen in its environment to conduct its metabolic processes. An anaerobe is a bacteria that exists in non-oxygenated ( Full Answer )
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What does aerobic do?

Aerobic exercise improves the volume of oxygen your body can take in and use to fuel aerobic functions of your body. Activities include aerobic metabolism and cardiovascular e ( Full Answer )
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What is aerobic definition?

please tell me aerobic definition in detail?and tell me the why cardio is necessary. in gym?
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What is Netball - Aerobic?

Yes, it's an aerobic sport because you have to run around a lot and uses a lot of oxygen.
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What are the product of aerobic?

Aerobic what? Your questions does not pertain to any specific group, for example are yopu refering to bacteria or an aerobics instructor?
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What is aerobic-?

The word aerobic refers to something that relates to or requiresoxygen or exercise that is intended to improve the body'scardiovascular system.