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What is animism?

Answer   Animism is the belief that living spirits are associated with plants, particularly trees, or inaminate objects and natural phenomena.   animism commonly refer (MORE)

What are animals?

Animals are loving pets, or wild type are animals that you couldn't keep as a pet, or couldn't get close to, such as a lion. Animals are the best thing in the world, especiall (MORE)

Why do you have anime?

Anime, is the Japanese word for animation, which is basically equivilant to the English, Cartoon. Usually though, an Anime would be an adaptation of a Manga, or cartoon stri (MORE)

What can animals not do?

animals can not talk [except the parrot], build skyscrapers[at least not one with windows], animals cannot drive cars, they cannot eat candy, they cannot answer math questions (MORE)

What animal it is?

The animal that you are looking for is a :   A   AbyssinianAdelie PenguinAffenpinscherAfghan HoundAfrican Bush ElephantAfrican CivetAfrican Clawed FrogAfrican Forest E (MORE)

Which animal are you?

well i would say an ape but since i dont really know you you are probably a chicken quite shy but very kind but you could be a donkey of course
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What can you do that animals can not do?

Considering we humans (Homo sapiens) are included in the group known as mammals, and that mammals are also deemed animals, humans are in fact, animals. So, your question needs (MORE)

What if there was no animals?

If there where no living animals in our Earth, we humans would become vegetarians. Then plants would be the only living organisms besides humans.
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Are we animals?

In the strictest sense of the word, human beings are animals. We  share many of the same characteristics of animals.