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What is architecture?

Architecture is constructing a building or designing something either by a computer or person. Architecture is also for creating a system.   1. The science or profession o (MORE)

Is architecture hard?

There are many things that are considered "hard" or difficult in the field of architecture. The level of difficulty is different for each person. I will try to answer your que (MORE)

Where is architecture?

Architecture is everywhere that humans have been. It is a direct part of human beings and it has evolved along with the people. It has primitive beginnings that can reach back (MORE)

What is green-architecture?

'Green' architecture focuses primarily on building tactics that don't adversely impact the earth, use less energy, and often use recycled/re-purposed materials. Examples of gr (MORE)

What type of architecture is Gothic architecture?

Characteristics of Gothic Architecture include the pointed arch, ribbed vault and flying buttress. Spanning from the 12th to the 16th century Gothic architecture, also termed (MORE)

How do you get into architecture?

You could either study it, or have it in you! Many people who study architecture have their own ideas how buildings should look like! You could start by joining forum conversa (MORE)

What type of architecture is romanesque architecture?

Romanesque Architecture is a form of medieval architecture that adapts the roman styles of construction (as in the phrase "roman"-esque), seen distinctly in its rounded arches (MORE)