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Does Argentina have tornadoes?

Yes, they do, but they are extremely rare. However then they do occur, they are extremely violent, much more violent than the average tornado. Take a look at the related li (MORE)

What are the mealtimes in Argentina?

In Argentina, mealtimes are quite different than in North America. Lunch is typically served between 1 and 2 pm. Merienda is usually around 5 or 6 pm and consists of coffee, t (MORE)

What is hello how are you in Argentina?

Given the fact that Spanish is the official of Argentina, the answer would be, "Hola...como estas?", which is the informal conjugation. This holds true if you are addressing a (MORE)

Who named Argentina?

  There is no one person who named Argentina. In the early 1800's (before Argentina became an independent nation) the people of Buenos Aires were called "argentinos" which (MORE)

How do you greet in Argentina?

The greeting between all people, whether new acquaintances or old friends is the "beso" or a kiss on the cheek. (Generally the right)

How did people get to Argentina and who did not originate in Argentina?

First came the explorers, they also brought African slaves, many who died in war and of disease in later centuries after being freed. From the mid-1800's until the mid-1900's (MORE)

Who is the leader of Argentina?

Juan and Eva Peron, former leaders of Argentina. That was in the 50's! Cristina Fernandez de Kirshner is the actual president.
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How can you get to Argentina?

You can't drive to Argentina. The Darien Gap in Panama is  impassible. Beyond that is Columbia which is very unsafe to drive.  Kidnappings and robberies are the norm. You ca (MORE)