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What is Armenia?

Armenia:is one of the oldest countries in the world.It is a very natural country and has very beautiful views mostly it's green mountains all over the land ,it's a very peacef (MORE)
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Who is the President of Armenia?

Serzh Sargsyan (Սերժ Սարգսյան) is the President of Armenia, having assumed office on 2008 April 9. He won the 2008 February presidential e (MORE)
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Where is Armenia?

Armenia is a country in Eastern Europe in the Southern Caucasus.Countries that border Armenia are Georgia, The Nagorno-KarabakhRepublic, Naxicevan, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran (MORE)
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How old is Armenia?

Armenia has a history dating back to about 3500 B.C, but they were merely tribes. Armenia became a Noted Nation in about 700 B.C. in the late 300's A.D, Armenia fell to the Pe (MORE)
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How did Armenia get its name?

The native Armenian name for the country is Hayk'. The name in the Middle Ages was extended to Hayastan, by addition of the Iranian suffix -stan (land). The name has tradition (MORE)
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In which continent is armenia in?

Armenia is located on the continent of Asia, is referred to in several instances in the bible as the near east (NOT middle east!) and her most famous Mt. Ararat is also mentio (MORE)
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Are there malls in Armenia?

There are malls all over the world... of course there are malls in Armenia. The term MALL originates in the US. There are countries that have used this term for large shoppin (MORE)
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What are the climates in Armenia?

\n\n The climate changes depending\non the elevation, ranging from dry subtropical /continental types to the cold\ntypes. \n . \n\n
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Are gypsies from armenia?

No. The Romani (who often labelled incorrectly as Gypsies) areoriginally from the Afghanistan/Pakistan region, not Armenia.However, they passed through Armenia on their way to (MORE)
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What do they have in country of Armenia?

They are the unique nation state with language they say is Armenian. They are unitary with multiple unique state parties with visitor sites people seek to see.