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Where is Auckland?

On the North Island of New Zea land, is the largest and most populous urban area in the country with a population approaching 1.4 million residents, 31 percent of the country' ( Full Answer )
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Auckland to Wellington?

Driving -- allow about 8-9 hours, flying is not too expensive and takes about an hour, or there's also a train that runs daily (takes about 12 hours)
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Dubai to Auckland?

The distance from Dubai to Auckland is approximately 8,826 miles.It would take on average 18 hours and 39 minutes to fly thisdistance.
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Who is Auckland named after?

Lord Auckland, a patron and former commander of Governor William Hobson. The answer above doesn't state who or what Auckland is..... so William Eden (hence mount Eden) fam ( Full Answer )
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Why is Auckland called Auckland?

IT is named after Lord Auckland who was a sponsor of william Hobson first governor of New Zealand.
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Why is Auckland named Auckland?

New Zealand's first governor, Captain William Hobson, chose Auckland as the capital. Hobson decided upon the name Auckland, in honour of his patron and former commander, Lord ( Full Answer )
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When is summer in Auckland?

Summer in Auckland usually starts around December, with a few off days. The warmest time would be any time in February, with the daily high reaching anywhere between 23-28 deg ( Full Answer )
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What is important in Auckland?

Well, it has excellent motorways so you can escape easily. But it is NZ's most populous city. And the World's most populous Polynesian city. And it has the sky tower.
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Where to visit in Auckland?

This really depends on the type of things you like but as an Aucklander here are a few of my favourites... - The Auckland Museum - The domain - The shops in Ponsonby, Krd and ( Full Answer )
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Is there snow in Auckland?

I have heard of it snowing only 3 times, like 100 years ago, in the 1970s and I was there for the most recent time a few months was amazing but only lasted about a mi ( Full Answer )