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Who has autism?

Amanda Baggs, advocate of rights for autistic peopleMarty Balin, singer and songwriter with Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson StarshipLucy Blackman, university educated authorA (MORE)

What is the symptoms for autism?

Technically, a diagnosis for autism requires evidence of a deficit in three areas: 1) Social, 2) Language, 3) Sensory. Children with autism typically display language delays i (MORE)
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Who named autism?

1943 - Leo Kanner - an Austrian-American child psychologist was the first to recognize autism as an independent mental disorder. Kanner described a group of 11 children having (MORE)

What are stereotypes of autism?

Well, there are few stereotypes of autism. One common stereotype is the autistic savant - many people think that every autistic has some area of incredible talent and is other (MORE)
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What is autism?

Autism (sometimes called "classical autism") is the most common condition in a group of pervasive developmental disorders (PDDs), also known as the autism spectrum disorders (MORE)

Do adults get autism?

Your usually born with it and grow up to still have it. Basically it runs with you your whole life.
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Do people with autism know they have autism?

Presumably, when they are diagnosed they are told. It also depends on how severe the autism is. If it is a mild case, just to do with socialising, they know and usually unders (MORE)
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What does autism do?

l   Autism is a neurological disorder that causes an individual to be  affected in many different ways. How it impacts someone is just as  different as one person is to (MORE)

What is autism-?

The definition for the word autism is "a mental condition, present  from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating  and forming relationships with other (MORE)