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Where is Azerbaijan located?

Azerbaijan straddles the border between Europe and Asia in the Caucasus region with an east coast on the Caspian Sea. It borders Russia to the north, Georgia and Armenia to th (MORE)

Where is Azerbaijan?

Located in the South Caucasus, located partially in  Eastern Europe and partially in Western Asia. It is bounded by the  Caspian Sea to the east, Russia to the north, Georgi (MORE)

Who discovered Azerbaijan?

The Soviet Union (USSR) formally defined Azerbaijan, and created the Azerbaijan SSR, which is the present day Azerbaijan.    However Azerbaijan was always there.

Is Azerbaijan polluted?

It depends on the location. During the times that Azerbaijan was part of the Soviet Union (USSR) there were many chemical factories in Azerbaijan. The areas around some of the (MORE)

What is azerbaijan population?

Azerbaijan has been separated to different parts, 65% of it is located in Northwestern Iran with population of 30milion and 25% the country of Azerbaijan (population:9 million (MORE)