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Did beatrix potter study fungi?

Beatrix Potter was an English author, illustrator, natural scientist and conservationist and did study fungi (mushrooms etc)
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Where do the royalties from Beatrix Potters books go today?

Upon her death, the royalties from Beatrix Potter's books went first to her husband, Willie Heelis, then upon his death to her publisher Frederick Warne & Co.. In 1983 the pub (MORE)

Where did Beatrix Potter die?

  Beatrix Potter died at Castle Cottage in Sawrey on 22 December 1943. Her body was cremated at Carleton Crematorium, Blackpool and her ashes were scattered in the country (MORE)

How is Queen beatrix of the Netherlands related to Queen Elizabeth II?

Queen Beatrix and Queen Elizabeth are both descendants of Stadtholder prince William IV of the Netherlands and Anna of Hannover (who was a daughter of King George II of Great (MORE)

Where is Harry Potter?

Harry travels to a variety of places in the book series, including: SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS The Dursleys A cottage on a rock Hogwarts Hogsmeade The Weasley' (MORE)