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What is the capital of Bolivia?

Bolivia actually has two capitals. The main constitutional capital is Sucre and the secondary administrative capital is La Paz.
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What does Bolivia export?

Natural gas and agricultural products. Bolivia exports lots of Mineral, Oil, Fruits, wheat, Coffe, wool, wood, seeds, etc, and also The biggest will be Lithium Batteries and L (MORE)

Who are the people of Bolivia?

The three largest indigenous groups of Bolivia are the Aymara, Quechua and Guarani, although in Bolivia there are nearly 30 native indigenous groups including the Moxeños, (MORE)
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About people in Bolivia?

The people from Bolivia are called Bolivians. Haggling over pricewhen you are shopping in Bolivia is common and even expected.People in Bolivia love celebrating and enjoy part (MORE)
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Who is Bolivia?

Bolivia is a country, not a person. It was named after Simon Bolivar. well Bolivia is located in south America if you were wondering.
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What are the exports in Bolivia?

Bolivia's main exports include natural gas (with Argentina and Brazil as the main buyers), zinc, and soybeans. Other exports include coffee, sugar, cotton, corn timber, sunflo (MORE)
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What are the waterways of Bolivia?

Bolivia 's main waterways consist exclusively of rivers, lakes and lagoons as the country is landlocked and has no seaport. Lake Titicaca in the western Andes region is th (MORE)
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What is the copital of Bolivia?

Bolivia has two capitals, Sucre and La Paz. Sucre is the historical capital, and La Paz is where the countries government is seated.