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What is HDTV cable TV?

Answer     HDTV refers to High Definition Television � the new entrant and future of cable television. According to the promoters of HDTV and people who have had a (MORE)

How do you use a tv cable in PSP?

First make sure you have a PSP Slim aka PSP 2001 and you check that by looking at the serial number at the bottom of your PSP if you have 2001 or above just plug the what apea (MORE)

When was Cable TV invented?

During the 1940's and 1950's the cable television simultaneouslyevolved in the following countries: United States, Arkansas, Oregonand Pennsylvania. It was invented by John Wa (MORE)

What to do with an extra tv and no cable?

I'm having the same problem after buying another 46 in smart tv. I'm leaning towards learning the stock market and monitoring stocks on one, otherwise I might set it up to pla (MORE)

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How do you get internet through cable tv?

Call your local Cable TV provider. Most Cable companies offer high speed Internet as well as Television service which can usually run on the same cable wiring in your house. Y (MORE)

Do TVs work without cable?

Yes of course they do. Most have a setting for antenna and cable and most people live in areas where multiple stations have over the air broadcasts. If your able to have a hou (MORE)