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What are cardamom pods?

In the US we generally see Cardamom in a powder form. In many other countries they use it in the dried seed pod form. I've seen the seed pods used in cofee and tea for flavor (MORE)

What is Cardamom Pods?

Cardamom pods are seed pods that contain seed pellets that can be ground into cardamom powder. Typically there are two types, green and black cardamom. This spice is used whol (MORE)

What is cardamom?

Cardamom is the aromatic seeds of a plant of the ginger family, used as a spice and also medicinally.

What is a cardamom pod?

The cardamom pod is the seed pod of several different plants of the ginger family, native to India. Cardamom is best known as a spice used in cooking and baking. See attached (MORE)

What is cardamom powder?

powdered cardamom is reddish tograyish brown with an aromatic odour and an agreeable aromatic and pungent taste . it is characterised microscopically by :;; 1-numerous f (MORE)

Is cardamom addictive?

cardamom has a very strong taste and is more of a craving. No, you can not be addicted to cardamom. It is just a craving.