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Why do cheesecakes crack?

Cheesecake cracks because it gets too dry in the oven. Try baking  it in a "water bath" in the oven. This will produce steam and will  cook it more evenly and should keep it (MORE)

Who invented cheesecake?

No one knows the name of an individual who first made cheesecake  but it is believed to have been developed in Ancient Greece.
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What can cheesecake be served with?

Cheesecake is nice served alone, but goes well with coffee or tea. Some additional elemetns that can be nice for a cheesecake are a little chocolate or strawberries / blueberr (MORE)

How do you season a cheesecake?

What you garnish your cheesecake with really depends on two things; the kind of cheesecake and what your personal preferance is. I usually prefer fresh raspberries woth raspbe (MORE)