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Who is Chicago Ted?

In the game on the wall of a safehouse in the Mercy Hospital, the words "NO ZOMBIE IS SAFE FROM CHICAGO TED" is written below people describing how long they believe it takes (MORE)
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What does Chicago mean?

Chicago means " land of stinky onions" from a native American tribe. It is a really weird meaning for the famous Windy City! Wild Onion in the Miami-Illinois language.
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Are there crips in Chicago?

There are no Crips nor Bloods in Chicago, IL. The Folk & People Nation gangs are the only gangs in Chicago, IL. Crips are NOT in the Folk Nation nor are Bloods in the People N (MORE)
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Chicago is in which country?

  Chicago is a city in the state of Illinois, which is located within the continent of North America (United States).  
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What is Chicago the capital of?

Chicago is not a capital but rather a large metropolitan area of Illinois. The capital of Illinois is Springfield.
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Why is Chicago called Chicago?

Chicago means, "wild onion" because of the Indians that used to live there many, many years ago when it was still prairie land.
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Is Chicago a pronoun?

No, the word 'Chicago' is a noun, a word for a place.   The noun 'Chicago' is a proper noun, the name of a specific place.    A pronoun is a word that takes the pla (MORE)