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Is white chocolate chocolate?

yes. And the chocolate is white because they only use the bean, not the shell. The shell is what makes chocolate brown
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How do they put chocolate in a chocolate diamond?

'They' in this case, is Mother Nature. From WiseGeek: "Most chocolate diamonds come from diamond mines in Australia. The natural occurring brown color is thought to be crea (MORE)

Is white chocolate real chocolate?

White chocolate: is a confection of sugar , cocoa butter , and milk solids. Unlike chocolate , white chocolate contains neither chocolate liquor nor cocoa solid (MORE)

Is chocolate made out of chocolate milk?

It is made of milk and coco bean powder mixed together and chocolate milk mixes are coco bean powder with some flour and brown sugar, and you should be smart enough to know th (MORE)

Why was chocolate named chocolate?

When the finder of the cacaobean, he made a drink of it. he called it chocolat, which means bitter water (because coco itself has no sugar) so "chocolate" was derived from "ch (MORE)

Is milk chocolate real chocolate?

yes other answer Yep it's definitely chocolate. In-fact it is the main type of chocolate to be honest. Other answer.... NO! Real chocolate contains no dairy whatsoever. Coco (MORE)