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What is in chocolate?

Answer . Chocolate (see below for etymology) describes a number of raw and processed products that originate from the tropical cacao tree. It is a common ingredient in many (MORE)

What can you do with chocolate?

With chocolate you can do just about anything.  Eat it  Melt it  Drink it  Lick it  Dip it  Dunk it  Cook it  Boil it  Burn it  just about ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What can chocolate do to you?

Make you very fat!    No, you are wrong. It depends what candy you eat. chocolate can't make you fat very easily. everyone knows that!!
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What about chocolate?

chocolate is a candy sweet which is solid and hard and it also has creamy things inside to like jam and cream ect ect ..........
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Where do you get the chocolate?

Hi. I hope this is right. I am new to and this is my first answer so I hope this is lucky. Well, you get the chocolate from cocoa beans. Simple as that!
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What has chocolate in it?

Many sweets have chocolate in them for instance;oreo cookies,hot chocolate,chocolate chip cookies to name a few.
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Where can you get chocolates from?

Switzerland is a famous source of chocolate confections. But this  popular treat enjoys commercial producers in many nations. Kalev  began making chocolates by 1806 in Eston (MORE)