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Can giraffes be in a circus?

Technically and biologically there is nothing stopping you putting a giraffe in your circus. However, legally you'll start to run into problems. In the US, they're classed a (MORE)
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Is circus a noun?

Yes, a noun is a person place or thing. When Used in the sentence, " I'm going to the circus, " the circus is considered a place because your going there. So yes. Circus is a (MORE)

When did the circus start?

The circus is a very popular entertainment and still is today but has much changed from animals in cages and elephants performing to acrobats the clowns were found in 2400 BCE (MORE)

What do they have in a circus?

Clowns  Acrobatics  Trained animals  Trapeze acts  Musicians  Hoopers  Tightrope walkers  Jugglers  Unicyclists  Gymnastics  Contortian  Stilts
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What is a circus?

A circus is a place of entertainment, stereotypically staged in a tent or arena. It is also the name of a 2008 song by Britney Spears. The name comes from the Latin word f (MORE)

When is Circus Circus open?

The hotels and casinos are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, they never close. If you mean the circus acts, it depends on the individual hotel.
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Are dogs allowed in Circus Circus Hotel?

According to their website, Circus Circus does not permit pets. "Q: Do you allow pets in the hotel? A: No, except for service animals for people with disabilities. At the R (MORE)

How do you start a circus?

Starting a circus can be a very complicated business. There is a tent, which can cost thousands of dollars, performers you have to pay, lighting, ect. If your starting a circu (MORE)
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Is there a circus in rotherham?

there are several circus performers in rotherham and sheffield, though sheffield has the monopoly out of the two.. if you mean a circus where adults can come and learn and tra (MORE)
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Who performs at a circus?

There are many kinds of performers. Some circuses might not have  the same kinds of performers as others, but here are some of the  ones you will usually see:   The ringm (MORE)