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What is cosmology?

Cosmology is the study of the Universe as a whole. While astronomy studies individual celestial objects such as stars, planets, and galaxies, cosmology focuses on the big pic (MORE)

What is the cosmological argument?

The basic Platonic/Aristotelian cosmological argument is this: . Every finite and contingent being has a cause. . A causal loop cannot exist. . A causal chain cannot be (MORE)

What is a sentence with cosmology?

Cosmology based on the findings of modern science. . I prefer to avoid the daoism or chinese cosmology usually associated with tai chi. . Cosmology elements of the a-lev (MORE)

What is the cosmological principle?

The cosmological principle is the working assumption in cosmology that matter and energy is distributed over the cosmos homogeneously and isotropically, when viewed on a large (MORE)

What is cosmology about?

Cosmology is the study of the universe as a whole (as compared to our particular corner of the universe, the planet Earth, which we naturally have studied very closely). Cosm (MORE)

What is study of cosmology?

Cosmology is the study of the Universe. It involves physics and mathematics and chemistry. Cosmology describes stars and their functionings. It describes the structure of the (MORE)

What is old cosmology?

Cosmology is a type of Philosophy that deals with the origins and generalstructure of the universe. They look at elements laws and often the development of the universe as w (MORE)

What is cosmological?

Cosmology is the branch of astronomy involving the origin andevolution of the universe, from the Big Bang to today and on intothe future. According to NASA, the definition of (MORE)