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Why are deer called deer?

The word "deer" comes from an old Norse word "dyr" which means "animal." It changed as the language evolved to mean what we know now as deer, not just animals in general.
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What is a deer?

A deer is a 4 legged mammal with fur colored to blend in well with their habitat. The male of some species of deer also have horns.
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Is a piebald deer a type of deer?

yes, just different colors. Piebald refers to a genetic mutation in the color of a deer's hide. While an Albino deer would be all white with a pinkish tint to it's nose eyes a (MORE)

Deers eat other deers?

No, deer are herbivores. Like most mammals, however, a doe eats the placenta after giving birth. And deer have been witnessed eating birds caught in flight nets erected for th (MORE)

What is a deers what is a deers fur color?

A deers fur can change or be different. A fawn or young deer has tan fur on its belly and brown with white spots on its side and back. A full grown doe has pretty much tan fur (MORE)

Why is deer the plural for deer?

Because fish is the plural for fish and moose is the plural for moose... Why is series the plural for series? Because sheep is sheep's plural and the plural of species is (MORE)