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Are there different kinds of electromagnetic radiation?

Yes. The different types are determined by their wavelength. We have assigned 7 commonly-used names to the different wavelengths (although within each type, you can get more w (MORE)

Are radiation and electromagnetic radiation same?

No, radiation and electromagnetic radiation are not the same. Electromagnetic radiation is one form or type of radiation, and there are different types of radiation. Electroma (MORE)

How is electromagnetic radiation measured?

Electromagnetic radiation can described using these characteristics: Frequency (f')Wavelength (ƛ)Velocity (v)Amplitude The first three are related via a simple formula: ƛ (MORE)
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How are electromagnetic and nuclear radiation related?

They really aren't.   "Radiation" refers to any energetic release from a point, surface, or volume.  Nuclear radiation is most different from the various kinds of other rad (MORE)
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Is electromagnetic energy the same as electromagnetic radiation?

Very similar, electromagnetic radiation is the term for all sorts of waves and how they move and their properties. Electromagnetic energy is the amount of energy contained in (MORE)

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How does electromagnetic radiation differ from particulate radiation?

EM radiation is a self-propagating, transverse vibration of electic  and magnetic fields, that was predicted by Maxwell's Equations to  travel at the speed of light. It was (MORE)