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What is electrostatics?

Answer   Electrostatics is the branch of physics which deals with the study of electric charges at rest, that is, charged particles that are stationary. Electrostatics is (MORE)

What is an electrostatic precipitator?

An electrostatic precipitator (ESP) is a piece of equipment that uses high DC voltage to deposit a charge on precipitates passing through it, and a charge of opposite polarity (MORE)
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Laws of electrostatics?

Statics means stationary state. So electric charges at rest is studied under the topic electrostatics. Coulomb's law, Gauss law are the most important laws in this field. Coul (MORE)
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What is electrostatic series?

Physics ni Sir Belnas.. For my Classmates and Schoolmates... Electrostatic Series: A list that ranks the objects ability to take negative charges. · Rubber (Items at to (MORE)
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What are the basics of electrostatics?

  The most fundamental idea behind electrostatics is that opposite charges attract and like charges repel. Also, charges that are separated by a distance have a force acti (MORE)

What are electrostatic forces?

Electrostatic force is the force that occurs between electrically charged objects The Force existing between two charged particles is known as electrostatic force. Example (MORE)
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What is an electrostat?

The branch of physics which deals with charges at rest. *Note : when you are dealing with the charge at rest, you are in the world of electrostatics.
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What is electrostatic shielding?

Electrostatic shielding is a barrier that isolates things inside itfrom an external electric field, or vice versa. Some might callthat electrostatic shield a Faraday cage.
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