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Who is the President of Eritrea?

Isaias Afewerki is the first and only President of Eritrea since being elected in 1993 May 24 by the National Assembly. Afewerki was one of the founders of the Eritrean Pe (MORE)
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What is eritrea?

Country in Africa. Capital: Asmara. Location: Eastern Africa, bordering the Red Sea, between Djibouti and Sudan . Population:5,502,026
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Where is Eritrea?

Eritrea is situated along the Red Sea. North east Africa (horn of Africa) Country in Africa Capital: Asmara Location: Eastern Africa Population:7,502,026 as of 2014
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What is the currencies in Eritrea?

Nakfa Eritrea has acquired their own currency after giving up the Ethiopian Birr when I was there in Summer 1997.
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How did eritrea get its name?

the name cames from the Greeks they were calling to the red sea eritros the word was taken from that eritros and the itlian colonization from that word they call ERITREA. fro (MORE)
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What is the vegetation in eritrea?

Almost all natural vegetation in Eritrea are semi-arid with either annual plants or deciduous perennials which produce during a short rainy season of just a few months. Accord (MORE)
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Where was the ancient Eritrea?

Eritrea, is a country in the Horn of Africa. Bordered by Sudan (west), Ethiopia (south), and Djibouti (southeast). Has a long coast line of Red Sea.
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Who is the king of Eritrea?

8th June, 1998 At a meeting of the Saudi Council of Ministers on 8th June, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Fahd bin Abdul Ariz , urged Eritrea and Ethiopia to call a h (MORE)
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How do you spell eritrea?

You spell it like Eritrea by the way i think Eritrea is a wounder full place full of warm hearted people filled with love and joy.
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How rich is Eritrea?

It's ranked cleanest country in Africa and lowest poverty inAfrica, HIV is lowest. It's an okay country i guess.