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What is a storyboard used for in filmmaking?

A storyboard is a series of drawings used to plan shots in advance. Basically, it looks like a big comic strip. Storyboards may be needed for complex scenes, such as actions s (MORE)

How much money does a filmmaker earn?

Well it depends of what bace you are in!  wild life - $70- $100 thousand dollas a year  Fashon- $150- $200 thousand a year  Sport- $200- $250 thousand a year  Movies c (MORE)

What is it that makes Orson Welles such a great filmmaker?

  The Word "Great" is debatable. And as I doubt any renown Film Makers are in the house, and as only a Film Maker would know, as "It takes one to know one" for Example, no (MORE)

Who is browning the filmmaker?

Tod Browning (born Charles Albert  Browning, Jr.; July 12, 1880 - October 6, 1962) was an American  motion picture actor, director and screenwriter.Browning's career  spann (MORE)

How does the work of filmmakers such as paul gross contribute to Canadian identity?

Paul Gross stands tall among many talented Canadians who all  contribute to Canadian identity. Notably, the list includes James  Cameron, Michael J Fox, Jim Carrey, Ryan Rey (MORE)