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Is filmmaking a language?

In a sense, yes. Your telling a story though a TV screen.   Another Answer   Yes, the language of film making is a visual language, regardless  of the appliance upon (MORE)

Who is browning the filmmaker?

Tod Browning (born Charles Albert  Browning, Jr.; July 12, 1880 - October 6, 1962) was an American  motion picture actor, director and screenwriter.Browning's career  spann (MORE)

What is a feature filmmaker?

A 'feature' film is one that earns box office revenue. And, a  'filmmaker' is any one of the people whose names you read in the  credits at the end of a movie.
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Is filmmaking better or digital filmmaking?

No. It's like asking if a claw hammer or ball peen hammer is"better". It depends on what you're doing, and the quality of theequipment and the main thing is how skillful the p (MORE)