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What is an underground filmmaker?

An underground filmmaker refers to the work of directors who "played an anti-art role in Hollywood" Check this source for more details: ( Full Answer )
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What are the requirements for a filmmaker?

A filmmaker can expect an approximate salary starting from£34675.66 to £47296.77 depending on his or her experience. It goeswithout saying that they must have extensive ( Full Answer )
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Information about filmmaking?

The first question for YOU to answer is what do you really want to do? There are a lot of different jobs available in the professional film industry. Getting a movie made take ( Full Answer )
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What is a filmmaker?

A filmmaker is just what the word implies: someone who makes films. Most likely they are involved with every aspect of filmmaking - directing, producing, writing, filming, and ( Full Answer )
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What is the importance of filmmaking?

Filmmaking is the process whereby movies are funded, shot, edited,distributed and remain available as stories told on film. Withoutthis process, movies would not have high qua ( Full Answer )
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Is It Hard To Be A Filmmaker?

Hard is relative -- and you are the judge. Only you know what will be hard for you.
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Who are the first filmmakers?

Filmmaking was born in 1914 with the seven great filmmakers namely: Dylan Thomas, Ken Annakin, Jack Cardiff, Geoffrey Unsworthz, Norman McLaren, Joy Batchelor and Laurie Le ( Full Answer )
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What is a closeup in filmmaking?

A closeup is a camera shot that features the head and generally the face of an actor. It may include the neck and shoulders.
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What is a documentary filmmaker?

who makes film on nonfictional motion picture intended to documentsome aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction,education, or maintaining a historical reco ( Full Answer )
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Is filmmaking better or digital filmmaking?

No. It's like asking if a claw hammer or ball peen hammer is"better". It depends on what you're doing, and the quality of theequipment and the main thing is how skillful the p ( Full Answer )