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What is a filmmaker?

A filmmaker is just what the word implies: someone who makes films. Most likely they are involved with every aspect of filmmaking - directing, producing, writing, filming, and (MORE)

What is the importance of filmmaking?

Filmmaking is the process whereby movies are funded, shot, edited,distributed and remain available as stories told on film. Withoutthis process, movies would not have high qua (MORE)
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Who was the filmmaker for E.T.?

Credits for producer include Kathleen Kennedy and StephenSpeilberg, with Melissa Mathison listed as associate producer.Stephen Speilberg also directed the film.

Is filmmaking a language?

In a sense, yes. Your telling a story though a TV screen. Another Answer Yes, the language of film making is a visual language, regardlessof the appliance upon which you vie (MORE)

Who is browning the filmmaker?

Tod Browning (born Charles AlbertBrowning, Jr. ; July 12, 1880 - October 6, 1962) was an Americanmotion picture actor, director and screenwriter.Browning's careerspanned the (MORE)

What is a feature filmmaker?

A 'feature' film is one that earns box office revenue. And, a'filmmaker' is any one of the people whose names you read in thecredits at the end of a movie.
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Is filmmaking better or digital filmmaking?

No. It's like asking if a claw hammer or ball peen hammer is"better". It depends on what you're doing, and the quality of theequipment and the main thing is how skillful the p (MORE)