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What does Godzilla eat?

American Godzilla eats fish and other meats Japanese (real) Godzilla doesnt eat, he feeds off of nuclear energy
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When is Godzillas birthday?

Godzilla doesn't have a physical birthday, but the original Godzilla was released on November 3, 1954, so fans like to think of November 3 as his birthday.
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How did Godzilla die?

Godzilla 1954 died because they made a toxic gas and put it in a  container and a guy went in to the water and lifted the lid over  godzilla and he died. Burning godzilla me (MORE)

Who is godzilla?

Godzilla is a giant radioactive dinosaur (preferibly an irradiated Godzillasaurus) that mutated from the radiation of nuclear weapons. He attacked Tokyo in 1954, but was destr (MORE)

How did Godzilla lived in the movie Godzilla?

Depends on which film you're referring to. In the original 1954 "Gojira" he is killed by the oxygen destroyer. The next one that fights Angilas in the following movie "Godzil (MORE)

What is Godzilla the series about?

the Godzilla Series is about a radioactive lizard that terrorizes Tokyo all the time. Every movie has a different cast and different plots. The origin of Godzilla is even chan (MORE)