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Did James Joyce have any brothers or sisters?

James Joyce was the eldest of 10 surviving children; he had 3 brothers (John Stanislaus - born 1884; Charles Patrick - 1886; George Alfred - 1887) and 6 sisters (Margaret Alic (MORE)

Where did James Joyce live?

In his youth, James Joyce lived in and around Dublin. After permanently leaving Ireland in his early twenties, Joyce lived for various lengths of time in Trieste (in Italy tod (MORE)

Why did James Joyce dislike Ireland?

Mainly because she was a "servant with two masters": the British and the Roman Catholic Church. Joyce believed both influences to be disabling for the Irish spirit. Also becau (MORE)

What is the setting in the story Clay by James Joyce?

â??Clayâ?? is set in a Dublin. The main character, Maria, who works  at a Protestant charity as a maid, is involved in preparations for  Halloween. She will be visiting th (MORE)

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Climax of clay by James Joyce?

In â??Clayâ??, a short story from â??The Dublinersâ?? by James  Joyce, Maria pays a visit to the home of a child she nursed as a  baby. She accepts an invitation to visi (MORE)

What was the climax in the encounter by James Joyce?

The climax of James Joyce's short story, "An Encounter" is when the  narrator comments on the odd way the old man is acting. He is  described as being old and creepy.
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Did James Joyce have a perforated ulcer?

Yes, he unfortunately died of it at only 58 years old. He underwent surgery on 11 January 1941 but fell into a coma the next day and died on 13 January 1941, supposedly becaus (MORE)

Symbolism in the dead James Joyce?

James Joyce made heavy use of symbolism in his work. â??The Deadâ??  uses elements such as snow to symbolize the long cold sleep that is  death, windows as a harbinger of (MORE)