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Why did James Monroe issue the Monroe doctrine?

President Monroe passed the Monroe Doctrine because he was afraid  of too much European involvement in Middle and South America. The  US feared new involvement of European p (MORE)

What military service did James Monroe have?

James Monroe was a war hero in the American Revolution. He left  college to go fight and served from March 1776 to the end of 1778.  As a lietenant, he crossed the Deleware (MORE)

What laws did James Monroe pass?

He passed the Missouri Compromise and the Monroe Doctrine. The Missouri Compromise resolved the fight between free and slave states by pairing Missouri as a slave state with M (MORE)

Where was James Monroe first buried?

James Monroe was buried at the Gouverneur family's vault in the New York City Marble Center. (He was living with his daugthter, Maria Governeur, in New York when he died. Abou (MORE)

Is Marilyn Monroe a descendent of James Monroe?

No. They have absolutely no known connection, as "Marilyn Monroe" is not her true name. It's a stage name. She was born Norma Jeane Mortenson, and baptised as Norma Jeane Bake (MORE)

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What did James Monroe do?

James Monroe was the fifth president of the United States of America (1817-1825). - Fought valiantly in the revolutionary war and was badly wounded - He helped make the Co (MORE)

President James Monroe passed what?

  the Monroe Doctrine telling Europe to stay out of our way fom coast to coast of North America
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