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How did John Quincy Adams get elected?

Adams was elected by the House of Representatives because no candidate got a majority in the electoral college. Henry Clay came in fourth in the electoral vote and so was drop (MORE)

What was John Quincy Adams' nickname?

  Old Man Eloquent   John Quincy Adams' nickname was Old Man Eloquent. As the only former president (in addition to being the son of a former president and founding f (MORE)

How did John Quincy Adams die?

John Quincy Adams collapsed with a cerebral haemorrhage as he stood to speak at the House of Representatives, and died two days later in the Speaker's Room of the Capitol Buil (MORE)

What were John Quincy Adams' pets?

He had an alligator that was a gift and he felt obliged to take care of it.
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Who were John Quincy Adams' children?

John Q.and his wife had three sons that lived to maturity. George Washington Adams (April 12, 1801 - April 30, 1829)John Adams II (July 4, 1803 - October 23, 1834) m. Mary Ca (MORE)

What did John Quincy Adams do or accomplished?

  Major Domestic Policy: During the Election of 1824, none of the presidential candidates received a majority vote of the electoral votes. Then it was up to the House of R (MORE)