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Who is a Krishna?

Krishna is the sanskrit word for God just like Christos is the Greek for Christ. Krishna is considered the Supreme Lord. Krishna is the most opulent, attractive, powerful, and ( Full Answer )
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Was Krishna real?

yes, Krishna is very real. In fact He is situated in the hearts of all living things. Known as supersoul or Paramatma. "Krishna" means "the all-attractive one." contrary to wh ( Full Answer )
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What does Krishna represent?

Krishna is an incarnation or avatar of Lord Vishnu. Vishnu is one of the main gods that makes up the holy trinity along with Shiva, and Brahma. Vishnu is a compassionate god t ( Full Answer )
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Who was Krishna?

Krishna was a Hindu lord. Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is an historical person who appeared on this earth in India 5,000 years ago. for more detail see.... http ( Full Answer )
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Who is Krishna the god?

krisna is one of the most important and known Hindu god. he is blue and he has a little crown with peafowl feathers. he plays on a wooden flute. when he was a kid he used to s ( Full Answer )
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What is Krishna a God of?

Krishna is the eighth incarnation (avatara) of the Supreme God (Vishnu) of one section of hindus (vaishnavas - worshipers of Vishnu). To others also he is a dear God. Mischiev ( Full Answer )
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Did Krishna lie?

Lord Krishna? Yes, he has spoken untruth on several occasions. He has also asked a certain individual to speak untruth. He mainly did this for others good and not for his own ( Full Answer )
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Why was Krishna important?

Krishna is seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. His life and the teaching are very much relevant even today particularly Bhagavadgeeta.
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Who is Krishna reincarnated from?

Krishna was not incarneted from any God. He was THE GOD as per Geeta. He has mentioned in Geeta that all the loka ( Places of various gods) till Brahma loka are recurring. Mea ( Full Answer )
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What is the Krishna jayanthi?

Krishna Janmaasthami or Krishna Jayanthi is a festival of Hindus,celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna.