Krishna is an important figure in the Hindu faith. He is said to have written the Bhagavad Gita, which is a Hindu religious text. Questions about Krishna can be directed here.

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Hindu Festivals

What was the date of Krishna Janmashtami in the year 1953?

Krishna Janmashtami in the year 1953 was on 10th of January.


Who is a famous hare Krishna?

George Harrison, John Lennon, Yoko Ono etc ...

radhanath swami - check for

Hindu Festivals

What was the date of Dussehra festival in 1973?

Dussehra was on 6th October in the year 1973.


Name of sri Krishna 's brother balaram's wife?


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How do you start a ceremony?

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What is the name of Lord Krishna's shank?

If you are asking about Lord Krishna's Shankh (they used in Mahabharat) then It's name Panchjanya

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What is Sri Krishna Devaraya's mother tongue?

Telugu was his mother tongue, but he was fluent in Kannada and sanskrit also.

He wrote six books, 5 in Sanskrit and one in Telugu i.e 'Amuktha Malyada'. Also Dutch historians who have visited Hampi at that time have mentioned that all proceedings of his court were conducted in Telugu


2010/2011 'Hampi 500 years' claims King was kannadiga. = he learnt Telugu and wrote amukthamalyada..... and said anni bhaashalayandu Telugu lessa.# harihara and bukka were Telugu from Kakatiya court.= Telugu researchers tamely give in to Tamil and other scholars.


What are Krishna devotees called?




What was the shri Krishna conch name?



10 names of arjun in mahabharat?

Arjun Parth Dhananjay Vijay Falguni Gudakesh Savyasachi Keeriti Jishnu Vibhatsu Parth Swetvahan


Who is a nai brahmin?

It is the barber caste. They also play music (nadaswaram - in marriages and other traditional functions) and also were involved in ayurvedic medicine...

The orign of Barber: 1st their treditanal profession is serving wonded warriers in battle fields. because of their tailent to using raser and needle to strich woonds and breaking bones, treditanally they involved in ayurvadha medition.

Some of court Barbers have direct contact with rulers(Kings) from that they also called 'Mantri'(the suggitioner)..

" the pre-mouryan are barbers: chandragupta mourya"


What was the name of lord Krishna sarthi?

Lord Krishna was himself a 'sarathi' (charioteer) to Arjuna aka Partha. Hence he got the name Parthasarathy.

Krishna also had his Sarathi (charioteer) and his name was Daruka


What is the name of lord Krishna favorite flower?

Tulsi or Tulasi leaves is the most important leaf used in pujas and prayers dedicated to Lord Krishna. Tulasi acts both as a flower and leaf. In most temples it is also offered as Prasada. It is also known as Krishna Tulsi - a dark variety of the plant. It is holy basil in English and in most Indian languages it is known as Tulsi or Thulasi.

According to mythology, Pārijāta is a heavenly tree brought to earth by lord Krishna. A quarrel over it ensued between Satyabhama and Rukmini, Krishna's wives. But Krishna planted the tree in Satyabhama's courtyard in a way that when the tree flowered, the flowers fell in Rukmini's courtyard.

Lord Vishnu's heavenly throne is placed under a flowering Parijata tree, and Hanuman lives under its shade.

Another romantic story woven around the tree is about princess Pārijāta who fell in love with the sun. When he deserted her she committed suicide and a tree sprung from the ashes. Unable to stand the sight of the lover who left her, the tree flowers only at night and sheds them like tear-drops before the sun rises.

It is always said by elders that the greatest offering to Lord Krishna is a Tulsi leaf.

Flowers that are avoided during Krishna Puja include hibiscus, milkweed and angel's trumpets.


Names of Lord Krishna's Sons?

Which group of sons are you asking about?
Rukmini. Krsishna had 16,108 wives each ahd 10 sons. ;-)

The puranas list in detail the names of 8 main queens,their sons are as follows:

Of the 16,108 queens of Krsna, each of whom had ten sons, there is the following list of the sons of the first eight queens. By Rukmini, Krsna had ten sons: Pradyumna, Carudesna, Sudesna, Carudeha, Sucaru, Carugupta, Bhadracaru, Carucandra, Vicaru and Caru. None of them were inferior in their qualities to their divine father, Lord Krsna. Similarly, Satyabhama had ten sons, and their names are as follows: Bhanu, Subhanu, Svarbhanu, Prabhanu, Bhanuman, Candrabhanu, Brhadbhanu, Atibhanu, Sribhanu and Pratibhanu. The next queen, Jambavati, had ten sons headed by Samba. Their names are as follows: Samba, Sumitra, Purujit, Satajit, Sahasrajit, Vijaya, Citraketu, Vasuman, Dravida and Kratu. Lord Krsna was specifically very affectionate to the sons of Jambavati. By His wife Satya, the daughter of King Nagnajit, Lord Krsna had ten sons. They are as follows: Vira, Candra, Asvasena, Citragu, Vegavan, Vrsa, Ama, Sanku, Vasu and Kunti. Amongst all of them, Kunti was very powerful. Krsna had ten sons by Kalindi, and they are as follows: Sruta, Kavi, Vrsa, Vira, Subahu, Bhadra, Santi, Darsa, Purnamasa and the youngest, Somaka. For His next wife, Laksmana, the daughter of the king of Madras province, He begot ten sons, of the names: Praghosa, Gatravan, Simha, Bala, Prabala, Urdhvaga, Mahasakti, Saha, Oja and Aparajita. Similarly, His next wife, Mitravinda, had ten sons. They are as follows: Vrka, Harsa, Anila, Grdhra, Vardhana, Unnada, Mahamsa, Pavana, Vahni and Ksudhi. His next wife, Bhadra, had ten sons, of the names: Sangramajit, Brhatsena, Sura, Praharana, Arijit, Jaya, Subhadra, Vama, Ayur and Satyaka. Besides these eight chief queens, Krsna had 16,100 other wives, and all of them had ten sons each.

(Bhaktivedanta Swami's Krsna Book,with info taken from Bhagavat Purana)


Who recorded Lord Krishna had many wives?

He didn't have many wives...

Rukmini Devi was his wife and spouse and soulmate.

His childhood 'girlfriend' -was Radha. That's all. and also, hindu gods are real.

Because I'm Hindu and I'm a proud Indian.


Is Arjuna and Krishna Buddhism or Hinduism?

Hinduism No where in the vedic scripture it was defined that a religion was there in the name of "HINDUISM". When the mughals conquered and ruled over they named the worshippers of traditional indian faith as Hindus which was derived based on the famous river called "Indus" Over the period of time it became Hindus and a religion was names as "Hinduism"


What is the name of lord Krishna's rath?

vijay rath


What are Names of 8 wives of lord Krishna?

Krishna was told to have 8 wives (or the Ashta-Bharyas). They are:

  1. Srimati Rukmini Devi (or "Rukmini"): Of all his wives, Krishna loved Rukmini the most. She was his favorite wife. As his first wife she was his main consort (called a Patrini).

    Originally Rukmini was the daughter of the great King Bhishmaka, Lord of Vidarbha. He in no way wanted to have Krishna marry his daughter and he was in the process of betrothing her away to Prince Shishupala of Chedi. Since Rukmini was so in love with Krishna, and he with her, Krishna stole her away on her wedding day and took her to Dwaraka where they wed.

  2. Satyabhama: The tale of his second wife begins in her previous life. She was host to much suffering in her life and after her death she sought shelter in Vishnu's "celestial palace (Vaikuntha)." While she was there she was a tireless servant for Vishnu and his care-taker. So much so that he promised she would be one of his wives in their next incarnation.

    During this life Krishna (Vishnu's reincarnation) sought to always make her happy. He did this by doing whatever she wished, irregardless of the wish. A tale is told of her infamous tantrums; while the Lord Indra came to Earth and visited Krishna he complemented Rukmini's beauty and gave her a Parijata flower. Satyabhama threw a tantrum and Krishna went into the spirit realm and brought her back an entire Parijata tree to plant.

    However, while these tantrums were not always appreciated, Krishna loved her fighting spirit. She was gifted with archery in warfar and also was very good at picking arguments which entertained Krishna immensely.

  3. Jambavati: She was actually given in marriage to Krishna by her father, bear-king Jambavan. She was a very devoted disciple of Lord Rama.
  4. Kalindi: She was the daughter of the Sun god Surya. She also was technically the keeper of the River Yamuna. When Krishna saw her, she was in deep penance. She was absolutely obsessed with marrying Vishnu and could not love another. Since he saw her devotion Krishna offered marriage.
  5. Mitravrinda: She was sister to the Kings of Avantipura.
  6. Nagnajiti: She was Princess of Kosala.
  7. Bhadra: She was actually his cousin. She chose him as her husband in a Swayamvara Ceremony.
  8. Lakshana: To win her hand in marriage, Krishna competed in an archery competition. He competed with Arjuna and Duryodhana, each who threw the match because they knew Krishna's passion for her.

Was Krishna a vegetarian?

I have the same question but so far all I have found is that he was vegetarian. Or at least people are saying that, and I don't know better.

What I am pretty sure is that Arjuna (Krishna's best friend) went out to hunt and Krishna's son (Pradyumna) hunted a deer to eat.

-Lord Hebakshyla


What was the skin colour of Draupadi in Mahabharat?



When was Krishna Janmashtami in Vancouver in 2011?

Most websites have the date listed as Monday August 22nd, 2011. However the ISKCON Vancouver Temple has the date listed as Sunday August 21st, 2011.

If you plan on attending an event, you should check with the specific organization holding it.


Who is Krishna what did he do and how did he save the world?

Lord Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Krsna helped us by killing thousands of Asuras & evil kings & bringing peace to this world. He established Dharma. He gave the Bhagavd Gita which contains instructions on how to lead our life & ultimately get back to Him.

The eighth and principal avatar of Vishnu, often depicted as a handsome young man playing a flute. He appears as a charioteer and advisor of Arjuna in the Bhagavad-Gita.

Religion & Spirituality

Who is Chaitanya?

Chaitanya, 1485-1533, Indian mystic, also called Gauranga ("the Golden"). He was born of Brahman parents in Nabadwip, Bengal, a center of Sanskrit learning. As a young man he attained prominence as a scholar, but at 22 he underwent a profound religious conversion and became an ecstatic devotee of At 24 he became a renunciant and left Nabadwip on pilgrimage, finally settling in Puri, Orissa, where he lived the rest of his life. His charisma made him the leader of an important sect of Vaishnavites that is still active. He emphasized the importance of nonritualistic worship in the form of kirtan, or religious song and dance, and devotion focusing on the love of Krishna and his consort Radha as the archetype of mystical union. Chaitanya is regarded by his followers as an avatar (incarnation) of Krishna and Radha in a single form.


What food is forbidden in the Hare Krishna religion?

Meat, fish, and eggs. no chicken either. No dead animals. Most also avoid garlic, onions, and mushrooms but these aren't considered on the same level as flesh.


When was the god Krishna born?

the 19th or 21st of July 3228b.c. approximately


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