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Ljubljana is the capital of what country?

Ljubljana is capital city of Slovenia . It has about 266.845 inhabitants and it is most populated and largest city in the country. It is cultural, political, educational and (MORE)
In Germany

Is Ljubljana in Germany?

No, Ljubljana is in Slovenija, which is located east of Italy,south of Austria, west of Hungary and north of Croatia.

Where to stay in Ljubljana?

If you visit Ljubljana for business reasons or a weekend holiday, your comfort will be well catered for in Antiq Hotel Ljubljana. It is located at historical heart of Ljubljan (MORE)

How big is Ljubljana?

It has approximately 280,000 inhabitants and t he total area of Ljubljana is 163,9 km 2 (63,2 sq mi). .

How much is a taxi from ljubljana to bled?

There is not only one answer to this question. That is dependablein what kind of taxi you gona sit in. If you´ll use taxis parked infront of city hotels, they will want fro (MORE)