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What is the capital of Macau?

Macau does not have a capital because it is officially a special  administrative region of China. Historically, the capital was  "Cidade do Nome de Deus de Macau" (or Macau (MORE)
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How long is flight from Bangkok to Macau?

Air Asia Itinerary:   Depart Bangkok 10:15 AM and arrive Macau 1:50 pm.   This is 3 hours and 35 minutes but there is a 1 hour time difference so the scheduled flight (MORE)
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What is macau famous for?

Globally known as "The Las Vegas of the East", Macau is notable for its gambling and tourist industry. It is also well-known for its ability to maintain high-end luxury hotel- (MORE)

When is the independence day of Macau?

There was no actual "independence" for Macau. The portuguese settled there in 1557 and handed Macau back to China in the 20th of December 1999. The region still keeps a high a (MORE)
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What is someone from Macau called?

People from Macau would prefer you call them Macanese, Macau was a Portugal colony, even though Macau has returned to China, it still has its own culture, government, law, cur (MORE)

What is the most famous hotel in macau?

I believe the most prominent hotel in Macau is the Venetian Hotel  and Casino. Although it has several competitors such as the MGM,  Wynn hotel or the Grand Lisboa, it is st (MORE)

How do you get a macau passport?

In order to get a Macau Passport, you most probably need to go to a  regional agency in Macau for the application. New applicants  usually need to be there since there will (MORE)