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What is a mafia?

the mafia is a secret criminal organization operating mainly in the united states and Italy and engaged in illegal activities such as gambling,drug dealing,protection,and pr ( Full Answer )
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What is the mafia?

The Mafia (also known as Cosa Nostra ) is a Sicilian criminal secret society which is believed to have first developed in the mid-19th century in Sicily. More Informatio ( Full Answer )
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What did the mafia do?

It is not did as they are still around but they are not as powerful. They were organised gangsters that hustled and got what they wanted for no trouble. They used blackmail to ( Full Answer )
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Is there a mafia?

Yes of course there is and they have been around since 19th century if your talking about the Italian Mafia. They started off protecting land for money and that became todays ( Full Answer )
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Why is there a mafia?

Originally in 19th century Sicily it was used as a mini government to protect land for a fee and today its a web of crimes and legal rackets that create a hierarchy of mafioso ( Full Answer )
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Where is the mafia?

In short... everywhere. The Mafia usually operate out of big cities like New York, Chicago and so on. The reason behind this is because in big cities there is much more busine ( Full Answer )
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Were is the mafia?

The Italian mafia is where ever you have a cluster of Italians or Italy its self (mostly the island of Sicily) that are orchestrating crimes on a organized ladder such as Dons ( Full Answer )
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Who is A-Mafia?

The mafia was a secret organization that was originally from southern Italy and eventually moved to America and continued crime there and they are still here today, just not i ( Full Answer )
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What do the Mafia do?

Organized crime such as extortion, gambling, bootlegging (illegal sales of cigarettes or acohol,) chop shops, drugs, real estate, and so on
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What do have to do for the mafia?

Beat up Liam Fossick and you will be watched, then you will be invited to the mafia.