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Who is Marie Antoinette?

Marie Antoinette was Emperess Maria Theresa of Austria's daughter. And an Austrian Archduchess that married Louis XVI (France's last King) and therefore became Queen of France (MORE)

Why did Marie Antoinette die?

IMPROVED ANSWER:  Marie Antoinette, was a very stubborn woman, who did not want to give up the throne as Queen of France. Instead of trying to rally the nation in support o (MORE)

Why was Marie Antoinette disliked?

She was disliked because she was Austrian and France had a history of problems with the Austrians, at the time. It didn't help that she never had any children for 8 years with (MORE)

What are the differences of Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette?

Cleopatra was a Queen of Eygpt, famous for her love affair with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, she is also the main character in Shakespeare's "Antony and Cleopatra" Marie An (MORE)

How was Marie Antoinette died?

Marie Antoinette was queen of France (husband Louis XVI) were rulers during the French Revolution in the 1700s. Because of the revolution, both were killed by revolting peasan (MORE)

Was Marie Antoinette a serial killer?

No, and the plight of France was not her responsibility She was  innocent of any crimes.   There was no logical reason to execute Marie Antoinette, she should  have been (MORE)