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Is noise pollution harmful?

Noise Pollution, by itself, is simply the over-interaction of sound into the ear, either by prolonged interaction around or with loud noises or items that create loud noises. (MORE)

What is indoor noise pollution?

Indivisible houses can create noise pollution, Cardiff Council's had studied and says that Noise is one of the most pervasive pollutant. A musical clock may be nice to listen (MORE)

Why noise pollution increased?

As humans create more machines, the noise pollution increases. Some machines that create noise pollution are: cars, radios (loud music), motor boats, airplanes, etc. These mac (MORE)

What are noise pollutants?

Noise pollutants are noises in an are that doesn't normally have much noise e.g. Drilling on the road, beeping from cars
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What are ways to prevent noise pollution?

On their own, each person can reduce their noise pollution amounts by...   *Rakeing leaves by hand, don't use a noisy leaf blower.   *Triming bushes or shrubs by hand, d (MORE)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Noise Pollution?

There is no real advantage of noise pollution, although some who  like very loud music say that the advantage is entertainment. There  are many disadvantages of noise pollut (MORE)

How do you measure the air and noise pollution?

Air pollution may be due to: particulate matter by different sizesodour hazegaseous substances These materials can be measured by various monitors using samples taken at the (MORE)