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What is the oslo accords?

The Oslo accords or Oslo Agreement was between the PLO and Israel. It was a result of an initiative that came from people around the leader of the Norwegian research organiza ( Full Answer )
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In which country is Oslo?

Norway Oslo is in the country of Norway. Oslo is the capital of Norway. Oslo is the hub of trade, banking, shipping and industry in Norway, also it is the economic and govern ( Full Answer )
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Who is the president of Oslo?

there is no president of Oslo or Norway either. There is a premier of Norway though, which is Jens Stoltenberg who lives in Oslo. if you meant the mayor of Oslo it is Fabian ( Full Answer )
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Where is an essay on Oslo?

Lars Saabye Christensen`s "Beatles" is a great novel about growing up in Oslo in the 60s.
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Where is Oslo?

Oslo is the capital of Norway, and is located in extreme SW Norway.It is located on the Bunne Fjord, an extension of the Oslofjordfrom the Skagerrak, a western arm of the Nort ( Full Answer )
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What sites is there in Oslo?

Most visited and known to tourists are Holmenkollen Skijumping Hill and Vigelandsparken, a sculpture park. Also worth mentioning are the Viking Ships (original viking ships fo ( Full Answer )
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Why was Oslo Norway named oslo?

It is unknown, but some argue that it is put together from two old norwegian words; OS - river delta and LO - possibly an old name for one of the rivers running thru Oslo. Thi ( Full Answer )
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How polluted is Oslo?

Far cleaner than most capitals, but can't be compared to the smaller cities and towns. I never minded the slight pollution in Oslo.
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What can you do in oslo?

There aren't that many things to do in Oslo, but there are some: The Nobel Prizs Peace Center: Norway is the country that gives out the Nobel Peace Prize, and the center is ( Full Answer )
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Is Oslo in Brisbane?

There is no place named Oslo in Brisbane! Queensland. Oslo is the capital of the country of Norway.