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Why is paleontology important?

Paleontology is important because it helps us understand what kindsof animal and plant life existed in the past. Paleontology alsohelps us understand what the earth was like a ( Full Answer )
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What does paleontology mean?

[pey-lee-uhn-tol-uh-jee or, especially Brit., pal-ee-] -noun, plural -gies for 2.1.the science of the forms of life existing in former geologic periods, as represented by the ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get paleontology degree?

I believe what we are referring to here is Paleozoology , with a specialty in Paleontology (thus, paleontologists). You can obtain this information by going to www.colle ( Full Answer )
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Why paleontology is important?

Paleontology is important because it allows scientists to create a much more complete map of evolution, and also even helps to demonstrate evolution. Fossils are direct docume ( Full Answer )
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Where are paleontology colleges?

To become a paleontologist, you would normally want your doctorate (PhD). Therefore, you may not continue along the same school this whole time, yet some schools you may wan ( Full Answer )
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What is the etymology for Paleontology?

1838 (Lyell), probably from Fr. paléontologie, from Gk. palaios "old, ancient" (paleo-) + on (gen. ontos) "being" + -ology "study of." Paleontologist formed in English 1871 ( Full Answer )
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What are advancements for paleontology?

Geoscientists often begin their careers in field exploration or as research assistants or technicians in laboratories or offices. As they gain experience, they get more assign ( Full Answer )
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What is paleontology for?

Paleontology is the study of ancient or prehistoric life on earth. Its main goal is to investigate the evolution of plant and animal species as well as the earth's ancient eco ( Full Answer )
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Where does a paleontology work?

Anywhere someone will pay him/her to examine some promising exposed sedimentary rock. Or in a laboratory, examining and testing fossilized ancient life forms. Or in an office, ( Full Answer )
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Is paleontology competitive?

That sort of depends on what you mean by competitive. People compete for money to do paleontology, but it isn't as cut-throat as biology. Generally there are so few paleontolo ( Full Answer )