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What is Passover?

Passover is the eight-day festival that is celebrated in earlyspring, from the 15th through the 22nd of the Hebrew month ofNissan. It commemorates the Israelites being freed f ( Full Answer )
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When is Passover?

Passover is from the 15th to the 22nd of the Hebrew month of Nisan. On the Gregorian (Western) calendar, it is some time between late March and late April; the dates change ea ( Full Answer )
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What is Passover about?

It's about Jews in Egypt being freed from slavery. Passoverdemonstrated that God can and will "interfere" in the events ofthis world, with great miracles when He so desires. P ( Full Answer )
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Why is there Passover?

Passover, or Pesach in Hebrew, is one of the most sacred Jewish Holidays. It commemorates the redemption of the Israelites from their slavery in Egypt, and specifically the oc ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have passover?

Passover is a remembrance (for Jews) of the many years they were enslaved in Egypt. Passover is recongnized in todays time as the Believers of God . for us we can hope th ( Full Answer )
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What determines Passover?

I'm assuming you mean to ask what determines the date of Passover, the festival known to Jews as Pesach. Pesach's dates are fixed - it always begins on the 15th day of the He ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get Passover Matzah?

If - like me - you live in an area with few or no other Jews, kosher-for-Passover matzah can be quite difficult to find. Some supermarkets stock them if there's even a small l ( Full Answer )
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Who does what in a Passover meal?

A seder, or meal ritual is conducted around the dinner table. Each participant reads from a booklet called a "haggadah" which tells the story of the departure from Egypt. The ( Full Answer )
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What is on the Passover plate?

if you mean what is on the seder plate, then there would be a shank bone(or in some cases a chicken leg), a hard boiled egg, parsley, greens, charoset, and salt water.
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What do you do after the Passover?

Passover is 8 days of NO leavened foods (bread, cakes, cookies,pasta etc.). When the holiday is over, you buy it again.