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Where is Queensland Australia?

Queensland (Qld) is a large state, located in the northeasternquadrant of the Australian continent. It is bordered in the southby New South Wales, in the west by the Northern (MORE)

Who discovered Queensland and what does Queensland mean?

Theoretically, Queensland was "discovered" when James Cook became the first European to sail up the eastern coast of Australia, doing so in 1770. However, the entire eastern h (MORE)

Why was Queensland named Queensland?

Australia was originally established as a penal colony of Great Britain. A few of the state and city names are therefore connected to members of the royal family and Great Bri (MORE)

When was Queensland named Queensland?

Queensland was named in 1859 when Queen Victoria signed Letters Patent, which declared that Queensland was now a separate colony from New South Wales. Queenslanders celebrate (MORE)

What is Queensland day about?

Queensland Day is celebrated on 6 June every year. On 6 June 1859, the former Moreton Bay District was granted separation from New South Wales, and given the name of Queensla (MORE)

What is Queensland day?

Queensland Day marks the birth of Queensland as a self-governing colony. On 6 June 1859, the former Moreton Bay District was granted separation from New South Wales, and give (MORE)

What is the area of Queensland?

According to the Australian GeoScience site: Queensland's mainlandarea is 1 723 936 sq km, with an additional 6712 sq km in islandarea. The total is 1 730 648 sq km.

Is Cooktown in Queensland?

Yes. Cooktown is located in far North Queensland. It marks thelocation where James Cook's ship The Endeavour ran aground on theGreat Barrier Reef off the north Queensland coas (MORE)

When was Queensland colonised?

The colony of the Moreton Bay District (Queensland) was founded in 1824 when explorer John Oxley arrived at Redcliffe with a crew and 29 convicts. The settlement was establish (MORE)

What is size of Queensland compared to Queensland?

about 1.000 times the size. Wierd Question?? But Queensland is: ...the second largest Australian state. If the State of Queensland was a country, it would rank as the (MORE)