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Who were the renaissance?

  Renaissance means "Rebirth" or "Revival".   It was a rebirth or revival of classical thinking and of the concepts of "Humanism". It was a revival of scholars, free-th (MORE)

What is significant about the renaissance?

The Renaissance is significant for numerous reasons, especially  because of its powerful influence upon European history: the ideas  and inspirations of the Renaissance carr (MORE)

When was the medieval Renaissance?

1st Answer: There wasn't a "medieval Renaissance". It was the middle ages for a 1000 years and then after that was the time period known as the Renaissance. 2nd Answer: The (MORE)

When and what was the renaissance?

The Renaissance was in the 1400's century. The Renaissance was a time when the people started to break away from Catholicism, and when they started thinking outside the box (e (MORE)

Where was the Renaissance?

England The Renaissance is a cultural movement that spanned roughly the 14th to the 17th century, beginning in Florence in the Late Middle Ages and later spreading to the re (MORE)

When was The Renaissance?

  The Renaissance (from French Renaissance, meaning "rebirth) was a cultural movement that occurred roughly from the 14th to the 17th century, beginning in Italy in the la (MORE)

Where and when did the Renaissance start Why there and then?

The Renaissance began in the late Middle Ages, around the  fourteenth century. While it is difficult to pinpoint an exact  starting place, the general consensus is that it b (MORE)