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Is it cold in Romania?

The winters are usually cold (very cold in the Carpathian Mountainswhere the average year-round temperature is only 2 degrees celsius)and a lot of snow falls during the winter (MORE)
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What can you do in Romania?

Romania has a variety of things to do, so it depends on what youlike! There are large cities like Cluj, Timisoara, Iasi, Brasov andBucharest to explore. It is situated in the (MORE)

What is Romania known for?

Many, many things. But some of the things are:    -Romanian is the second language spoken in Microsoft, coz the  company is full with Romanian IT specialists.   (MORE)

What are the dangers in Romania?

You have to be careful, because I'm sure you don't want to meet a thief. Don't carry too much cash money and don't walk on dark lonely streets by night. If you want to take a (MORE)

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Where is Romania?

Romania is in SE Europe.   Romania is in Eastern Central Europe. (45 with 45 degrees). Next to: Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Black Sea.   Romania is a me (MORE)

Is Romania wealthy?

Romania used to be a wealthy European state before the 2nd World War. Situated in SE Europe, Romania is a developing country and a place of interest for many foreigners. In 20 (MORE)
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What does Romania produce?

Romania is even today, after the communist regime, still a powerful industrialised country. In Romania all types of goods are produced, such as : -automobiles for petrol a (MORE)
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How was Romania discovered?

Romania was not discovered ! In Romania were found in caves bones from Homo sapiens with an age of approx. 40,000 years, the oldest in Europe.
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When was Romania founded?

  Romania is founded after the Roman Empire conquered Dacia, after the second great war with Roman Empire and Dacia (101-102, 105-106 B.C.) The independent state of Romani (MORE)
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Is Romania in Schengen?

No, Romania is not a member the Schengen agreement. Romania is due to become a member of the Schengen Area at the end of 2013. This date has been put back many times, and may (MORE)