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What is selenium?

Selenium is essential to the immune system and thyroid gland, Selenium is one of the essential trace minerals in the human body. This nutrient is an important part of antioxid (MORE)

What does selenium do for you?

Selenium can be good for a person who does not get enough in a  regular diet. Selenium is needed to help the thyroid gland and  control infection. Too much selenium in the d (MORE)

What does selenium do?

Selenium is a nutrient that is found naturally in foods, which the  human body needs. It may be able to protect against free radicals  and infection.

Where can get a selenium?

Selenium is a trace element that is in several foods and taken as a  dietary supplement. You can get selenium in your diet by eating  foods that include Brazil nuts, seafood (MORE)

Is selenium a chemical?

Selenium is indeed a chemical, and more specifically, it is a chemical element. It can be found on the periodic table of the elements.
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How did selenium get it symbol?

Se is the symbol of Selenium by taking the first two letters of its name. The name's origin was explained in another answer from me: Selenium, Se, (from Greek "σελήν (MORE)

Can selenium kill you?

If taken in great amounts, then yes. Selenium can be used as a poison and it affects the liver, sometimes causing death.

How do toxic is selenium?

Elemental selenium is nontoxic, hydrogen selenide and other selenium compounds are extremely toxic and resemble arsenic in their physiological reactions.

What is selenium sulfide?

Selenium sulfides are a group of 8 memebered ring compounds, with the general formula Se8-n Sn. There is "compound" called SeS2 which is a mixture that analyses to approximate (MORE)