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What does selenium do for the body?

Selenium:   · is an important part of a molecule in the body that protects blood cells from certain damaging chemicals  · helps our system produce antibo (MORE)

Is selenium radioactive?

For practical purposes, selenium can be treated as not radioactive. 91.27% of selenium is of isotopes that are in fact not radioactive. 8.73% of selenium is 82Se, which is rad (MORE)

What are the characteristics of selenium?

Selenium exists in several allotropic forms. The most stable, crystalline hexagonal selenium, is metallic gray. Crystalline mono clinic selenium is a deep red color. Amorphous (MORE)

Who discovered selenium?

  I have found this on   Jons Jakob Berzelius founded Selenium associated with Tellerium in 1817.   I sure hope this helps!!!  
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What does selenium do for you?

Selenium can be good for a person who does not get enough in a  regular diet. Selenium is needed to help the thyroid gland and  control infection. Too much selenium in the d (MORE)

Who was selenium named after?

Word origin: Selenium is named after the Greek word for moon,   Selene. Discovery: The element was discovered by Swedish  chemist  Jöns Jacob Berzelius in 1817.Berzeliu (MORE)
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Is selenium soluble?

Selenium is not soluble in water. Like sulfur,  though, it does dissolve in a rather nasty liquid called carbon  disulfide, and in toluene, also called methyl benzene, and s (MORE)

What is Selenium and what is it composed of?

Selenium is the chemical element of atomic number 34, a gray  crystalline nonmetal with semiconducting properties.
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What foods have selenium in it?

The top 10 everyday foods containing selenium are:    Brazil Nuts   Sunflower Seeds   Fish (tuna, halibut, sardines, flounder, salmon)   Shellfish (oysters, (MORE)