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How did the silk road affect china?

The opening of the silk road affected china as of 1)Economically, It helped china in trading with the west, east and also Europe, this gave china a market to sell its goods a (MORE)

What is silk roads purpose?

The silk road was used to trade items such as gold, grapes pomegranates, and jade from the west. Silk, gunpowder, paper and bamboo were sent out from china in the East. Ideas (MORE)

What were the dangers of the silk road?

Animals: Scorpions, coyotes, mountain lions, Yaks (don't eat  humans, but can ram into them)   Mountains: You might fall off, There's a lack of oxygen, Animals  could sl (MORE)

What ideas were traded on the silk road?

Culture, lifestyles, religion, social systems, economical and political systems, beliefs, different arts, spiritual knowledge, different literature were all ideas or different (MORE)

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