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Who was Socrates?

Socrates was a gifted thinker who helped lay the foundation ofwestern philosophy. He was born in 470 BC, in Athens, Greece. Themethods he used and the concepts he proposed, al ( Full Answer )
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What is socratic wisdom?

Socratic wisdom is best described as feigned ignorance. Also knownas 'intellectual humility,' it is an attempt to remain objectiveregardless of what one may know to be true. I ( Full Answer )
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Who taught Socrates?

Socrates was not taught philosophy by anyone. He was curious and began to question everything, and by questioning he learned. Socrates taught himself the art of philosophy.
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Who is Socrates?

A Philosopher from Athens Greece. He never wrote anything but was the teacher of Plato who started the first University. Plato was in turn the teacher of Aristotle whose wri ( Full Answer )
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Who was Socrates and what did he do?

He is one of the most mentioned and important philosophers in Western Philosophy, who spent his life asking people at the market zone about life questions, such as What is vir ( Full Answer )
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Did socrates persuade?

It depends on your perspective, he used the Socratic Method to 'persuade' people into thinking the way in which he wanted them to.
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Why was socrates misunderstood?

Socrates was a gifted thinker of ancient Athens who helped lay thefoundation of western philosophy. The methods he used and theconcepts he proposed, along with his courageous ( Full Answer )
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Is the socratic method named after Socrates?

Yes this was named after the Greek Philosopher Socrates. The socratic debate is one opinion set against that of anothers opinion as to form a logical set of ideas to form an o ( Full Answer )