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Why were North Carolina and South Carolina founded?

Eight English Noblemen were assigned rights to the Province of  Carolina. These eight Lords Proprietor set about colonizing  Carolina and designing laws. The settlers did no (MORE)
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Why was South Carolina named South Carolina?

South Carolina was named South Carolina because of King Charles The Second. His name in Latin was Carolas. They changed it to Carolina. The original colony was the Carolinas. (MORE)

When did South Carolina separate from North Carolina?

They divided in 1712. Carolina began as a proprietary colony, that is, one owned and operated by private individuals instead of the government. In the case of Carolina these (MORE)

What crops does South Carolina grow?

Crops that are commonly grown here include soybeans and tobacco. Cotton is grown in the Lowcountry. We also have some rice and tea plantations close to the coast. Vegetables l (MORE)

What is the age of consent in South Carolina?

The age on consent is 16 It's 16 and there are no close in age exceptions. South Carolina has set the age of consent at 16. That is the lowest in the United States. Some sta (MORE)