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Who was the Beatle that never was?

I belive you are reffering to Pete Best. Back when the Beatles were not even twenty, one John, Paul, and George were in the band. Eventually, they got a drummer-Pete Best. On (MORE)

Are The Beatles dead?

John was assassinated in 1980 by Mark David Chapman, and George died from cancer. Paul and Ringo are still alive and still playing music. Back in the days of the Beatles the (MORE)

Why were the Beatles inspirational?

They captured the spirit of the sixties, the awe of the public, and the hearts of millions of girls with their songs. They started off as an impressive pop-act that just morph (MORE)

Who was the nicest Beatle?

In the press, George is usually described as the "nicest" Beatle, although - like most people - all the Beatles had good or bad days and George Martin has said that the most s (MORE)

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Which Beatle was the Walrus?

John Lennon was the Walrus, though apparently Ringo Starr wore the walrus costume for the Magical Mystery Tour film shoot. "The Walrus was Paul" was a phony clue, sung by John (MORE)

Who are the founders of beatles?

John Lennon was the founder; he went to school with Paul McCartney, and George Harrison was the younger brother of McCartney's friend. Rongo Starr didn't join until 1962; the (MORE)

Where The Beatles are buried?

John Lennon and George Harrison are the only dead Beatles as Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are still alive. John Lennon was cremated by his sceond wife Yoko Ono,in spite of r (MORE)

What Beatles album is From Me To You from?

That's a REALLY good question....somewhat difficult to research. However, here's the answer: It was released only as a single in the US on VeeJay (they had the rights BEFO (MORE)

Who is the bassist of The Beatles?

Paul was the official bassist - his Hofner violin bass is a very  iconic instrument. Occasionally George would play bass. Stu  Sutcliffe was the original bassist, however, a (MORE)