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How are animals tortured?

some are drowned, beat, hung, starved, stabbed, shot, think witches in medieval times. Environmental factors include littering, dumping trash in lakes, fishing nets, forestr (MORE)

Can you torture by enema?

Yes as far as i know. it would just be you are given a large enema and made to hold it until it is all inside you.
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Why are animals tortured?

because its funny Animals are tortured because of several possible reasons. They could be tortured because it is funny to some people and because they may be used for the test (MORE)

How were Jews tortured?

The Nazis had various methods for torturing Jews. The first torture was   the train transport to the camps often lasting several days without food   or water, crowded (MORE)

What is tubing torture?

Tubing torture is a form of torture used by police in South Africa.  They cover the victims head with a plastic bag and then suffocate  them until they lose consciousness or (MORE)

What is a torture bench?

This is a somewhat unusual line of enquiry, and I hope that you are not planning to actually torture anyone (other than as a role playing game, at least). Generally, the first (MORE)

Was Hitler tortured?

It depends on what you mean. If you're talking about "what Hitler tortured when he died," then the answer is no. Hitler supposedly killed himself with a tablet and a gun to th (MORE)

What tortures were at auschwits?

Although the Nazi's were famous for their use of gas chambers in the concentration camps, this was more of a method of execution rather than torture. In order to torture peopl (MORE)

How do you torture your cousin?

Ok, so when he is sleeping go to the kitchen and get a full bowl of really hot water.Then set it on a table/nightstand in their room.After that just stick the cousins hand it (MORE)