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What is a trumpet?

A trumpet is an instrument in the brass family. It uses valves, mainly three, to change its pitch.. To produce a tone on a trumpet, the player must "buzz" their lips into the (MORE)
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About the trumpet?

The trumpet is awesome. It is a brass, which means you buzz into the mouthpiece to make noise. The case is small compared to a trombone or saxophone, but large to a clarinet o (MORE)

What trumpets can you get?

bach and Yamaha trumpets are the best to get. plus silver trumpets have better tone quality :) *SP* The best type of trumpet to get is considered to be the Bach Stradivar (MORE)

What is in a Trumpet?

a trumpet is an instrument that is used in orchestra bands and is often used in jazz music. it is a brass instrument with three valves that change the pitch which will produce (MORE)
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Is Conn Trumpet a good trumpet?

"I dont think that conn is a good trumpet. You should go for a bach, getzen, dynasty, or anything but king and conn. All i know is that conn is a good trombone brand." My t (MORE)
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How do you put trumpet valves in trumpet?

Each of the valves should have a number inscribed on them, a 1 2 or 3. each of them going into their respective valve casing. after putting them in and screwing on the valve c (MORE)
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How do you do an A on the trumpet?

An "A" can be played by pressing both the 1st and 2nd valves down, but be careful because "partials" exist that can allow you to play another note while pressing down the same (MORE)
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Is thomann trumpet a good trumpet?

Thomann trumpets are made in China. Anything from China is a gamble, sometimes they are reasonable sometimes not. but for a trumpet that costs around $200 do you expect a qual (MORE)