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What is a communist utopia?

A communist utopia is an imaginary (so far) society that has no leadership, currency, private ownership, laws or need for any of these things. Ownership of everything is commu (MORE)

What is the meaning of utopia?

Utopia is the idea of a perfect world. For instance, if you were talking about the future, you could say, I wish that we could achieve world peace, feed everyone, and make it (MORE)

What was the book Utopia about?

  Utopia by Thomas More is a work of the period of the English Renaissance and one of the critical works that served as a predecessor of the Reformation. In this work, Mor (MORE)

What is an Agrarian Utopia?

As far as I have found, it is a classless society where the people work in fields and rely on farming for the country's sole source of income. It is very communistic and athei (MORE)

What is Utopia about?

Sir Thomas More wrote " Utopia" in the reign of King Henry the 8th of England. It is about how perfect the world could be when men treated everyone as they would like to be tr (MORE)

What is mock utopia in gullivers travel?

The word "utopia" was originally a book title for Sir Thomas Moore. It probably evolved from "eutopia" or "good place," as it was a fanciful description of how England ought t (MORE)

Who wrote Utopia?

Utopia was written by Sir Thomas More in 1516, who coined the word. It was taken from the greek word U for no and the Greek word for where. So Utopia means Nowhere. He inten (MORE)

What is Utopia?

Utopia is an imagined perfect world. It gets its name from a novel of this name by Thomas More. He created the word from the Greek for not a place.... that is, it cannot exist (MORE)

What country are Utopias?

There aren't any, at least, not in the sense we normally use the word 'country'. Utopia is an imagined perfect place, or state of things [from Utopia, the title of a book (1 (MORE)