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Why did West Virginia separate from Virginia?

During the Civil War, Virginians that lived to the west of the Allegheny Mountains were not happy with the government of Virginia. So when the Richmond government seceded, the (MORE)

How did West Virginia split from Virginia?

These events led to the split of West Virginia from Virginia. The Ruffner Pamphlet In the West, most liked the idea of liberty and independence asoutlined by Thomas Jefferso (MORE)

Why West Virginia left Virginia?

During the civil war, Virginia was a part of the Confederate states of America. Part of Virginia (West Virginia) remained loyal to the Union, so it broke off of Virginia and f (MORE)

Why did Virginia and West Virginia separate?

West Virginia and Virginia separated because of the different thoughts of Slavery. Many people disagreed about Slavery this led to the start of the civil war. So, Virginia wan (MORE)

Why is Virginia called Virginia?

Virginia was named after Elizabeth I of England, who was also known  as "the virgin queen" because she never married (opinions are  divided on whether or not she was actuall (MORE)

Why West Virginia separated from Virginia?

There are several reasons why western Virginia wanted to secede  from its eastern half. But, first, you have to look at the  geography of the then-joined states. Mountains s (MORE)