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How is hair weave put in?

By braiding the hair and sewing in a track, or by gluing and placing the track in a molded canvas. Other ways are to glue fusion (strand by strand), braid with micro- braiding (MORE)

How do you do weaves with dreads?

If you have dreads, you can get a sew-in weave. Make sure your hairdresser knows how to braid well the cornrow for the weave. The cornrows will be the determining factor of ho (MORE)
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Can you hot comb weave?

It is very possible to hot comb weave but only if you have weave that is of a higher grade. If it isn't you could end up frying off pieces and end up with inches left in the h (MORE)
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What Type of Weave Does Beyonce Use?

She uses real indian hair imported from there. Its very expensive. Maybe about 500 bucks- 1000 dollars
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How do caterpillars weave their cocoons?

The silk comes out of their mouths, and they're constantly in motion while they're weaving their cocoons.
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What are the uses of weaving?

Weaving is the process of making fabric with the use of set of two  threads, crossing under and over each other. Weaving can be used to  make rugs, sweaters, knitting, lace (MORE)

What is a weave lane?

A weave lane is the part of the highway or freeway where both an  entrance and exit exist. It is called this because cars will be  weaving in and out of lanes to either ente (MORE)
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How do you do black weaves?

There are several methods to apply weaves/hair extensions, but  since your question is in Beauty, Hair, & Sewing, I'll explain  the sew-in method:    The hair is brai (MORE)

Can you wear a weave if you have braids in your hair?

If they're cornrows used to attach the weave to, yes. If they're  individuals, it's recommended you get a wig instead because you  cannot attach extensions onto extensions. (MORE)